• Aplicación del tratamiento de agua a hoteles y spa

    Hotels / Spaa.

    Ultrapure water.
    Desalination and decalcifying.
    Ozone generating systems.
    Bacterial flora elimination.
    Water mist fire systems.

  • Aplicación del tratamiento de agua a campos de golf

    Golf Courses.

    Reuse of water for gardens and cleaning.
    Gathering rainwater for irrigated.
    Systems High pressure cleaning.

  • Aplicación del tratamiento de agua a la pesca y yates

    Fishing boats and Yachts.

    Liquid and flake ices's manufacture.
    Desalination and ultrafiltration systems.
    Bacterial flora's elimination.
    Systems ship hull cleaning.

  • Aplicación del tratamiento de agua a la agricultura


    Gathering rainwater for irrigated.
    Ionized water in preserving crops.
    Well water quality.


Análisis de Agua
  1. Complete water analysis (RD 140/2003).
  2. Microbiology and Organoleptic.
  3. Metals, Heavy Metals.
  4. Pesticides.
  5. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.
  6. Water Cooling Towers.
  7. Legionella.
  8. Grit.
  9. Waste ...

Plants y plant pathology

Plantas y Fitopatologías
  1. Foliar.
  2. Research Phytopathogenic Fungi.
  3. Identification / Counting Nematodes ...

Farm Soil

Suelo agrícola
  1. Soil.
  2. Trace.
  3. Textures and Water Properties.
  4. Soil Structure.
  5. Composition Saturated Paste Extract.
  6. Content in Gypsum.
  7. Wealth and Fertility.
  8. Characterization Order AAA / 1072/2013 ...


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