• Aplicación del tratamiento de agua a hoteles y spa

    Hotels / Spaa.

    Ultrapure water.
    Desalination and decalcifying.
    Ozone generating systems.
    Bacterial flora elimination.
    Water mist fire systems.

  • Aplicación del tratamiento de agua a campos de golf

    Golf Courses.

    Reuse of water for gardens and cleaning.
    Gathering rainwater for irrigated.
    Systems High pressure cleaning.

  • Aplicación del tratamiento de agua a la pesca y yates

    Fishing boats and Yachts.

    Liquid and flake ices's manufacture.
    Desalination and ultrafiltration systems.
    Bacterial flora's elimination.
    Systems ship hull cleaning.

  • Aplicación del tratamiento de agua a la agricultura


    Gathering rainwater for irrigated.
    Ionized water in preserving crops.
    Well water quality.

Reverse Osmosis

Osmosis Inversa acuar
  1. Water softening.
  2. Drinking water production.
  3. Processed water production.
  4. Ultrapure water Production.
  5. Molecular solvent concentration in industries.


Descalcificador ecológico acuar
  1. Keeps essential minerals.
  2. Protect of lime: pipes, vessels and boilers.
  3. Removes limescale.


Ultravioleta acuar
  1. Decreases the need to use chemical products.
  2. Low cost technology.
  3. Automatable easily technology.
  4. Use both waste waters and drinking waters.


Ozono acuar
  1. Do away with malignant bacteria and viruses that bleach can not destroy.
  2. Remove foreign odors and tastes can produce some organic substances.
  3. There's not increased inorganic salts and toxic chemicals levels in water.


Desionización acuar
  1. High quality demineralised water.
  2. Technology alternative to reverse osmosis.
  3. Lower carbon residues.
  4. The deionized water is a poor electrical conductor.

Water Mist Systems

Agua nebulizada acuar
  1. Drastically reduced protected risk temperature in fire.
  2. Appropriate to deep seated fires.
  3. Appropriate to flammable liquid fires, eliminating fire burnback.
  4. Minimal water damage (using reduced amount water).
  5. There're not breakdown products generated.
  6. Ecological: it's not harming environmentally.


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